Members of the LHBA have been building and transforming new communities throughout London for 60+ years. Innovators like Mowbray Sifton brought vision, planning and foresight to fruition in London's first subdivisions. Today, it is that same entrepreneurial spirit which drives our members to design and construct London's next generation of homes and neighborhoods. Just like their forefathers, our Builder, Renovator, Supply, Sub-trade, and other professional members continue to push the envelope of technology, performance and efficiency. We are proud to be members of the Ontario and Canadian Home Builder Associations.



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Ontario College of Trades

The Ontario College of Trades labour policy will lead to higher costs and a diminished, less flexible work force.  This increases expenses to both businesses and homeowners.

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Letter to the Editor


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London Home Builders' Association is a proud Partner in London's Million Tree Challenge,
growing a healthier city for everyone.
Find out how you can be part of making our future greener too.


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