LHBA Green House


The LHBA Green Home built in support of the Cancer Survivors Garden

From recycled flooring to high performance windows, water conserving plumbing and a cutting-edge exterior house proofing system, 'The Green Home' is jam-packed with practical solutions to reduce energy consumption and allow the discerning home owner enjoy the benefits of luxurious living in a greener home. The house is located in Siftonʼs newest development, Ballymote Woods, north of Sunningdale Road between Highbury Avenue and Adelaide Street. This unique home is was built with generous donations of materials, products and labour from members of the London Home Builders' Association. The LHBA Green Home is being offered at $450,000 (well over $100,000 below suggested retail value) with all proceeds directed to fund the completion of the LHBA Cancer Survivors Garden at the corner of Wonderland Road and Riverside Drive.

Here is the list of green features that can be seen at the Green Home:

Woody’s Manufacturing Limited installed the beautiful PureBond kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity in the Green Home. PureBond cabinets use formaldehyde-free technology and soy-based adhesives.  This technology creates a more air-friendly environment indoors for both those who install the cabinets and those who enjoy them. 

A Novanni sink adds to the luxurious kitchen, being made from 90% recycled North American stainless steel and manufactured in Coldwater, Ontario.  At the end of its lifecycle, the sink is 100% recyclable.  Novanni uses ‘green power’ during manufacturing and have decreased their natural gas consumption by 20% since 2006.

Classic Granite and Marble Ltd.
fabricated and installed countertops from quartz slabs donated by Caesarstone Canada. Caesarstone Canada is the first quartz surfacing company to receive ISO 14001 certification – a global standard specifically for environmental protection.  Caesarstone manufacturing facilities recycle 97% of the water used in manufacturing.

Installed by My Fireplace, the modern, linear gas fireplace is specifically designed to provide a sophisticated fire element that is perfect for any room. The fireplace comes standard with Napoleon’s exclusive Topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed that sparkles with a luxurious glow. It also features fuel saving electronic ignition and battery back-up.

Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics
provided the Symphony Rhapsody Wallcovering featured in this bathroom.  Symphony uses a green production process by recycling printing inks and using an emission destruction process to prevent harmful pollutants being released into the air while yielding energy which reduces natural gas usage.

London’s Flooring Canada
donated and installed P.E.T carpet, which is produced from recycled plastic bottles. The carpet is resistant to stains, fading and abrasion. Being naturally resistant to stains, the use of harsh cleaning chemicals are not required, reducing VOCs, while a Scotchguard coating increases the stain resistance properties.

An Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), installed by Lambton Stucco Limited provides an insulating, decorative and protective finishing system.  At a glance, it appears similar to hard-coat stucco but it is actually made up of many layers resulting in a durable, crack-resistant finish that provides great design and flexibility and still having energy efficient benefits.

Gemini Casement windows, donated by Dashwood Industries Inc., feature Energy Star-compliant triple pane glass, providing a high-level of performance in cold climates by lowering heating costs, while preventing the sun’s heat from entering during warmer months.

Fiberglass Entry Door System, donated by Dashwood Industries Inc., showcases the look and feel of real wood without using natural wood resources and provides 4-5 times the insulation of natural wood. Protected by a thick, stainable fiberglass skin, the door is resistant to scratches and dents that easily happen to steel doors.

Arriscraft Building Stone
installed by FNC Masonry, Forest City Brickwork and TSC Masonry Ltd. uses Natural Process Technology to mirror natural stone formation, using only fine silica-based sand and other natural materials to manufacture a building stone that looks and performs like quarried stone.  There are no cement or chemical additives so the building stone is not subject to the same shrinkage as cement-based products.

S. W. Atchison Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
installed Uponor Pex-based plumbing system which offers a green and healthy alternative to CPVC and copper – the system does not require use of torches, glues or solvents and offers flexibility, eliminating added fittings. This technology has received an NSF International Certification for water purity.

The Rinnai Tankless Water Heater provided by Reliance Home Comfort delivers up to 40% energy savings, not to mention the space saved without a tank.  Many plumbing demands can be met at once giving you the ability to do laundry, run the dishwasher and have a hot shower – all at the same time! Being ENERGYSTAR® qualified, it offers up to 97% thermal efficiency.

Insulplank Siding supplied by Mitten Inc. and installed by MRT Exteriors Ltd., is a popular choice as it outperforms fiber cement in terms of energy consumption and carbon dioxide reduction, reducing the overall carbon footprint.  A high insulating value causing reduced energy use and its ability to reduce the heat loss from the “thermal bridging” effect means that Insulplank siding can assist a home in achieving an ENERGYSTAR® qualified rating.

Octolam 220 metal laminate in the laundry room is donated by Octopus Products Limited. The aluminum used to manufacture the laminate is post-consumer in nature, thus a recycled content component exists.  In addition, the paper backing is FSC certified – meaning it was harvested according to internationally acknowledged standards.

Carnegie’s Xorel wall covering, behind the shelves is donated by Woeller Group. It is a woven polyethylene textile built on the strength of its core high performance yarn. It delivers remarkable durability and ease of maintenance without any added finishes or coatings.
Xorel’s high performance does not come at an environmental cost. Xorel has been fully vetted by MBDC and has achieved Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification. In addition it has achieved Gold Indoor Air Certification from SCS. 

Molded Interior Doors were provided by Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors and North Pole Trim and Supplies and are made up of recycled wood fiber. The doors feature no added formaldehyde meet 2009 regulation improvements. Jeld-Wen uses multiple manufacturing facilities to allow them to build closer to population hubs, reducing fuel consumption and green house gas emissions.

North Pole Trim and Supplies
supplied hardware donated by Weiser, a division of Stanley Black and Decker.  Weiser’s manufacturing process conserves energy and resources, and prevents pollution as well as making use of recycled materials.

Kitchen and Laundry room faucets, donated by Delta Faucet Canada, provide approximately 30% more water-efficiency than a standard faucet, while still meeting or exceeding performance of a typical faucet.  Delta products are designed to offer maximum points towards LEED certification.

greywater recycling system, installed by S.W. Atchison Plumbing & Heating Ltd. allows used water from showers and laundry to be reused to flush toilets by filtering out impurities and foreign particles. Installation of this system will save a household between 30% to 40% annually on the water bill.

The LED pot lights, donated by Webco Lighting Products Inc., offer 70% energy savings over conventional incandescent or compact florescent lamp sources.  LED lamp sources offer a 60, 000 hour plus life, they contain no mercury or lead which means no disposal issues in the future and are fully dimmable with three different color temperatures to accommodate any client needs.

Proper building orientation and window shading design can help reduce cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter. The orientation of the Green Home facilitates passive solar design, which can further reduce space heating, cooling and lighting costs.

The house is located in a community with nearby existing resources and close to public transit which reduces the number of cars that the household will need as well as reducing the number and length of daily auto trips. According to Transport Canada’s Canadian Vehicle Survey, vehicle use in Canada was over 300 billion vehicle kilometers in 2007.

Toxic chemicals, frequently used to control pests in homes, expose occupants to harmful or hazardous chemicals and practices. The Green Home employs proper placement and installation of physical barriers that can protect the home from termites, ants, mice, and other pests.

Marcon Framing
and students from Construction Technology in Action program at A.B. Lucas Secondary School employed a modified framing technique during the framing stage. This technique allows for reduced demand for framing materials, as well as the associated waste. Lumber used in the construction of the home is FSC-certified which means that it meet the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forest management.

The Green Home is completely solar ready. Conduit runs from the basement up into the attic so that the homeowner can easily run the required mechanicals should they choose to install a solar hot water or solar PV system. The roof has been designed with front and rear gables so that the entire south facing side roof plane can maximize the number of solar panels that can be installed. The roof has also been pre-engineered to take any roof load associated with the installation of solar panels.

Health Canada estimates that radon exposure is the number one cause of lung cancer after smoking. Radon is a colourless, odourless gas that is widely present in the earth's surface and seeps into a home from surrounding soil through concrete walls and floors, sumps, joints, basement drains and other openings. To prevent radon build-up in the Green House, a radon venting and mitigation system was installed.

Water heating accounts for 20% of the average home energy consumption, and showering accounts for 50-70% of residential hot water energy load. When warm water goes down the drain, it carries away valuable energy with it. Drain Water Heat Recovery unit, donated by Union Gas Limited recovers some or most of this valuable energy and use it to preheat cold fresh water.

This LHBA Green Home entitles you to bonus rebates of CMHC or Genworth premium (if required) with flexible financing criteria and preferred pricing on any mortgage or Line of Credit at Libro Financial Group.  Enjoy lower heating costs, reduced monthly expenses, and many years of maintenance-free living.

The window coverings donated by Drapery Man & Co. are Hunter Douglas Designer Roller shades and Skyline Gliding Panels in the Urban Loft fabric, which is Green Guard certified. These compact, low maintenance shades provide an elegantly simple finish to the windows and are available in a wide range of materials and colours, as well as, remote control.

Light fixtures throughout the house, supplied by South London Living Lighting uses LED lamps which offer
60, 000 hour plus life, they contain no mercury or lead which means no disposal issues in the future and are fully dimmable with three different color temperatures to accommodate any client needs.

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Bailey Metal Products Limited

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Brac Systems Inc.

Brent-Reg Construction Inc.

Caesarstone Canada

Cameron Crane & Riggers Inc.

Cameron Window & Door Inc.

Car-Wal Door Systems Limited

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CGC Inc.

Classic Granite & Marble Ltd.

Cohen Highley Lawyers

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Maid Easy Cleaning Services Inc.

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