Cancer Survivors Garden

The cancer experience is a test of endurance and unfortunately the focus is on the people who succumb to the disease but not on the overwhelming numbers that survive. One of the things I found was important to me was to mark the ending of my treatment in a way that was significant, to celebrate the end of my treatment. It was like crossing a finish line.
~ Mary Coulter ~

The Legacy

The Cancer Survivors Garden at McKillop Park opened officially on June 3, 2012 - National Cancer Survivors Day and is located at the corner of Wonderland Road and Riverside Dr. in London, Ontario.


The garden will serve not only as a place of celebration, but as a place of inspiration and hope for the families just starting their battle. It is a living representation of the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of survivors in the London Community to give hope and strength to those who need it. Unfortunately cancer has a significant presence in our society, touching all of us in one way or another, but thanks to progress in cancer research, the diagnosis, although life-altering, is not necessarily a death sentence.

We're hoping the Cancer Survivors Garden branches will stretch even further - as we need to change people's reaction to even hearing the word - cancer. With all the research underway, there is hope. With hope there is strength.

Though this project is finished and open for public use there are other organizations in London and the surrounding area that need your support to provide services for individuals and families undergoing treatment and you will find links of some organizations that support the idea of the garden as a place of hope and encouragement.

Community Supporters

Thanks to the support of The City of London, The Sifton Family Foundation, Covington Group, DUO Building Limited, Melchers Construction Limited, Roestenberg Welding Limited, and Strik, Baldinelli & Associates Limited for their generous support in making the Cancer Survivors Garden a reality.

Together We See Hope Grow
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